Clickable Ads – Tips for designing and getting more clicks

Articles, Event Guides

Design tips

  • Include your logo
  • Include a nice photo of your product (make sure it’s good quality)
  • Keep it simple – don’t try to cram too much in.
  • Make sure your main message is large so that people just glancing won’t miss it.
  • Don’t use tiny type. Use a clean, readable font. Avoid cursive or too much italics.
  • Use bright colors
  • Include your website url spelled out (
  • Include your phone number and other contact info. This can be small, but readable.

Tips to get more clicks

  • Tell them to click – include “Click here” in the text.
  • Buttons also help guide people to click.
  • Include a call to action: “Learn More”, “Register Now”
  • Include a limited time offer. “Everything 50% off until Nov. 31” “Use Coupon Code XYZ for exclusive offer (expires Nov. 31)”
  • Offer something FREE if they sign up or buy before a deadline

Landing Pages

Use a landing page for your URL to provide more targeted info when they do click.

Make the URL something specific to the event:

Important: be sure your website is responsive and will look good on a phone!


  • quick links to other pages in your site
  • email sign up
  • more images of your products
  • offer a reward for clicking. At least say thank you.
  • repeat the original offer / coupon code
  • more information about your sale or how to use the coupon code
  • social media links