Clickable Ads – Tips for designing and getting more clicks

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Design tips

  • Include your logo
  • Include a nice photo of your product (make sure it’s good quality)
  • Keep it simple – don’t try to cram too much in.
  • Make sure your main message is large so that people just glancing won’t miss it.
  • Don’t use tiny type. Use a clean, readable font. Avoid cursive or too much italics.
  • Use bright colors
  • Include your website url spelled out (
  • Include your phone number and other contact info. This can be small, but readable.

Tips to get more clicks

  • Tell them to click – include “Click here” in the text.
  • Buttons also help guide people to click.
  • Include a call to action: “Learn More”, “Register Now”
  • Include a limited time offer. “Everything 50% off until Nov. 31” “Use Coupon Code XYZ for exclusive offer (expires Nov. 31)”
  • Offer something FREE if they sign up or buy before a deadline

Landing Pages

Use a landing page for your URL to provide more targeted info when they do click.

Make the URL something specific to the event:

Important: be sure your website is responsive and will look good on a phone!


  • quick links to other pages in your site
  • email sign up
  • more images of your products
  • offer a reward for clicking. At least say thank you.
  • repeat the original offer / coupon code
  • more information about your sale or how to use the coupon code
  • social media links


Your Event Guide is a Goldmine

Articles, Digital, Event Guides

Create new revenue streams and sponsorship opportunities with your Digital Event Guide! Sponsors will jump at the chance to pay to gain exposure in your guide.

Raise the value of your event for your sponsors and exhibitors and energize your existing sponsorship package with innovative digital offerings that cost you nothing.

Get more sponsors and exhibitors by providing extra value and more ways to be seen by your attendees and encouraging response.

Sponsorships and ads can easily pay for or exceed design and development costs and maximize your ROI (return on investment)!


Multiple sponsors = lots of revenue

A well-designed digital event guide can easily present multiple sponsors with click-through ads on various pages that ensure your sponsors will each get their time in the spotlight. Full-page ads offer maximum effect. Banner ads can draw multiple sponsors and offer budget friendly marketing ops as well as key placement within the content without interrupting the flow.

Local sponsorships and advertisers are a goldmine

Look beyond your event exhibitors for sponsorships and ads. Reach out to local businesses that might be of interest to your attendees:

  • Restaurants, bars and clubs in the neighborhood: attendees are always looking for a place to grab a quick bite in the area (suggest they include their menu in the ad).
  • Local foods such as a local brewery or specialty candy shop or bakery and entertainment such as concerts, comedy clubs, and gigs will also be of interest for nighttime activities.
  • If you have a lot of out of towners attend your event, be sure to include ads and information about local tourism spots and activities. Check with your local tourism department for connections and assistance.

It’s a win win win for your attendees, your advertisers and you!

Enhanced exhibitor listings and packages

Offer exhibitor packages that include their click-through ad, logo and social media links, coupons and discount codes in the digital event guide as well as traditional physical goodies.

Dynamic listings can hotlink to the sponsor’s internal ad page or external webpage (if they use a landing page, response rate can easily be tracked).

Present sponsor tiers such as Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze and combine each tier with other event sponsorship opportunities to maximize their impact.

Offer a premium ‘Featured Exhibitors’ section at the top of the list or on a separate page, and limit to a few select exhibitors to let them stand out from the crowd.


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