Piney Woods Heritage Festival

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A digital event guide for their recent event. Includes lots of content about the Crosby Arboretum.

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Diana worked with us to develop a digital event guide design to help us to market our annual Piney Woods Heritage Festival. She created a professional document that is smart phone compatible. We posted the guide on our website, where it could be quickly downloaded by persons considering attending the event and by those arriving at the festival.

Diana made the entire design process so easy.  She blended together information about the festival, the schedule of activities, and background on our exhibitors, and included information from our website. The beauty of this event guide is that once the template is created, it can be easily amended for future events.

The guide is easy to connect to. We just post the link to download in our marketing and social media.  And it is so simple to share!

The document is highly versatile.  Having a digital event guide allows us to include so much more information than we normally would be able to have in a paper brochure. We can also use many more photographs and images such as maps than we would include in a regular brochure.  It also cuts down on the amount of paper handouts that would normally be produced.  But, people also have the ability to selectively print from the digital brochure if they wish.

This kind of guide is useful to a range of audiences, from those who are just looking for a schedule of activities, to those who want detailed information. No matter their needs, users can access information quickly. One of the many benefits of the guide is that people can continue exploring the different levels of information, and potentially learning much more about our facility than just the current event.

Pat Drackett, Director, Crosby Arboretum

Freedom Is Coming

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Songs of Freedom, Resistance and the Underground Railroad

This is the second in a series of educational materials produced by the New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park. It is a two-disc set with a deluxe oversized digipak and a full-color 16-page booklet.
The images were created by Stephen Marc from his magnificent book, Passage on the Underground Railroad. Published by Stephen Marc in conjunction with the University Press of Mississippi
The CD is currently available at the New Orleans Jazz NHP,
916 North Peters Street, New Orleans, LA
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The Beatles Records on Vee-Jay – Digital Edition

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The Digital redesign and reissue of a print book I designed over 15 years ago. I did all the layout, design and image work.

Author Bruce Spizer, a New Orleans attorney, published this book as his first in a series of 9 books total, chronicling the recordings of the Beatles in America and UK. Primarily geared towards collectors, it also has lots of great stories about how the music was made. If you’re a Beatle fan, this is a must-have.

The original book was a heavy coffee-table book full of images and detailed descriptions of every conceivable label.  Bruce re-edited the book by placing all such information at the end of each chapter, giving the reader the opportunity to skip the label details without missing any of the stories. You can merely tap on the highlighted page number and skip forward to the next chapter, bypassing the highly detailed information. The digital book also gives the reader the ability to navigate pages by touching the screen. By merely touching the page reference, the desired page appears on the screen. And after checking out the new page, you can touch the GET BACK button to take you back to where you once belonged (or at least back to where you were reading). The digital book also gives you the ability to enlarge images. This is particularly helpful when you want to read small text in advertisements and on record labels. It’s a really cool feature that can’t be done in a regular book.


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